All students are required to wear a playful, non-restrictive school uniform. From our many years of experience, we have come to strongly believe that uniforms contribute positively to a child’s school experience. Even at a very young age we’ve seen that clothing trends, or the “haves” and “have-nots” of themselves and their peers can distract students. When all children are dressed the same, there is less focus on their outfits and more focus on the task at hand. Our feedback also shows that it’s much easier for parents, and eliminates any tricky buckles, zippers and snaps at potty time!

For detailed information about the required uniform pieces for your child, as well as to access the uniform store directly, please visit In School Wear at the link below. You will find all the McLoughlin Schools items you will need, and are able to conveniently shop for them online.


It is also very important to have your child’s clothing clearly labeled – when you all wear the same thing, it’s hard to identify your own pieces! Below are the names of two label companies that have proven trustworthy over the years. Enjoy a browse through their sites.

Mabel’s Labels
Loveable Labels