We offer half-day Nursery and Senior Nursery programs five days a week. Music is integrated into all programs. A music circle, with piano accompaniment is provided twice a week and Rob Joy of Alistair Ant visits the school twice a month.

The School year is from September to mid-June. Holidays coincide with those of other private schools.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of The McLoughlin Schools is to provide a warm, caring environment for the small child’s first experience away from home.

Under the guidance of qualified and experienced staff, with additional teachers providing regular music and French, the program provides experiences to promote development in the following areas:


Through interaction of peers, social skills are developed, along with respect for the rights of others


The building of self-esteem and self-worth


The opportunity for outdoor play every day, developing gross motor skills


The opportunity to develop language and other cognitive skills

We acknowledge the multi-cultural aspect of our society by respecting the various backgrounds and religions of the children.

Our Goals

  1. To develop problem-solving skills
  2. To develop a healthy positive self-image
  3. To develop an understanding and acceptance of the consequences of one’s own actions
  4. To develop the ability to verbally express one’s needs and feelings appropriately
  5. To develop one’s own style of creativity
  6. To acquire appropriate skill in physical, social, emotional and cognitive development


The school requires the children to wear a uniform.  Uniforms may be purchased from InSchoolWear.com

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